Mum Monday Musings

Watching the Olympics and the opening and closing ceremonies made my husband and I muse over his homeland which neither of us have been to in about two years, unfortunately.  So I thought for my first Mum Monday Musings, when I post pictures of favorite and/or interesting places to visit around the world, I would post pictures of my favorite parts of London and England in general.


Hello world!

While my first love is the world of Culinary Arts, my husband and I are and always have been avid travelers and being that I’m currently majoring in a hospitality program in school, I’ve been coming across a lot of interesting information, articles and general conversations in class that I thought I’d share with other tourism fans like myself.

So, I hope to post a little something special every day that I encounter or think of relating to travel and hospitality as well as the culinary field.  Topics could range from rants to reviews to jokes and interesting or informative articles and even recipes.  So come on in and get comfy and thank you for visiting my blog:)

Y’all come back now, ya hear?;)