Whinging Wednesday: Weird News

Some may argue that American cuisine is non-existent and doesn’t hold a candle to the rest of the world.  Well, it seems not everyone feels that way as many cultures and nations have been trying to emulate American cuisine.  Whether the attempts are all out fail or a decent attempt at the original, it seems the natives are in love!

While Malaysians have Pizza Hut, their pizza of choice seems to be the complete opposite of what we like in this country.  The Super Pan Pizza features chunks of chicken AND chicken loaf, caramelized pineapples with two different sauces, cheese and “Garlic Napoli,” rolled into the crust.  The end result is that the innards of each slice come oozing out with every bite!

Um, nom?

Hungry yet?  Well hold on to your butts because we’re headed to Baghdad where the Iraqis rock the casbah scarfing down knock offs of American food!  With American troops leaving the area and bases closing down a big void opened up for those missing Western fare, however savvy entrepreneurs have stepped up and have presented to the masses knock off dining establishments like Florida Fried Chicken, Mr. Potato, Pizza Boat, Burger Friends and KFG or Kentucky Family Group (which sounds to me more like one of those Christian fundie groups who get vocal over things like gay marriage than a chicken joint). One burger joint, called Burger Joint actually, has gone the extra step of surfing burgers and milkshakes while music by Frank Sinatra serenades diners and often has to assist customers understand their foreign offerings like milkshakes and cookies. The owners of Burger Joint also own a Turkish chain called Pizza Pizza and intends to a new sandwich shop called Subz.

The Home of the Shawarma

Of course China is one of the countries who refuse to jump on the American cuisine bandwagon. Instead choosing to perfect their own culinary contribution while embracing technological advances by creating noodle slicing robots!  Restaurateur Cui Runguan is selling thousands of these robots which slice noodles into pots of boiling water called the Chef Cui. Each robot costs $2000 compared to the annual Chinese chef’s salary of $4,700 and Runguan has already sold 3,000 robots. Although these creepy little metal guys have faster and better knife skills, without taste buds can robots really be a fit substitute for a chef?

“Iron Cook, eh? I can’t lose. I’m 30% iron!”

While many parts of the world have embraced famous American foods I urge my fellow Americans who haven’t yet done so to check out the rich and flavorful cuisines cultures around the world have developed and perfected.  Not only is it an awesome experience for all 5 senses, it will prove a fantastic out should Peta and groups like it actually succeed in growing meat in labs!

Chow for now!


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