Is this thing on?

Apologies once again for being AWOL last week but between midterms and my mother paying us a visit I barely had time to put two moments of sanity together!  Although I don’t typically post on the weekends I thought I’d share a little tidbit with you and some sage advice for those who may need it.  Gather round grasshoppers!

As I just mentioned my mother is visiting us from New Jersey and because of some health issues she sometimes needs to make substitutions to any food she orders.  Sometimes these substitutions need a degree in engineering to figure out while other times it’s fairly simple.  So this morning, while still in pajamas because we’re having a lazy day, my husband and I hop in the car and head for the drive thru of Dunkin Donuts because mom hadn’t gotten much sleep and needed coffee before her two hour drive to visit my cousins.  I pull up to the speaker thing and order two poppy seed bagels toasted with butter, two vanilla frosted donuts and an extra large coffee cream and sugar (Paul’s breakfast), a medium pumpkin coffee and a plain bagel toasted with cream cheese (my breakfast) and a large coffee half pumpkin half decaf with cream and 2 sweet and lows (mom’s breakfast).  As I pull away from the speaker I hear the guy say “Well that was an obnoxious order!”


Paul and I looked at each other and laughed as I pulled up to the window.  He wasn’t sure we heard correctly but I sure did.  Yes, I guess that last coffee was a bit obnoxious which is why I hate ordering it sometimes or go inside when mom isn’t with me to do it herself but as I was still in pajamas and there was no one on line I figured it was safe.  Now I wasn’t angry but in the fru fru neighborhood we live in I know if any of the locals had heard that there would have been hell to pay.  Being a fast food/retail veteran I didn’t know how long this guy worked in the field or how experienced he was with working a drive up window but I thought it might benefit him to learn a quick lesson before it bit him in the ass.

So when I pull up and he opens the window to take my order I smile and say, “I apologize for the obnoxiousness of my order but…”  I couldn’t even finish the sentence, the guy at the window blanched and started to quickly explain how he was having trouble trying to push the buttons to accept three bagels (um yeah right ok) meanwhile the mouth of the girl standing next to him dropped and as she ducked away from the window I could hear her laughing.  I just waved him off but I’m hoping he learned to be more careful while wearing his headset.

Morale of the story folks, if you’re gonna talk shit about a customer, make sure they can’t actually HEAR you! LOL


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