Whinging Wednesday: Beware the Infomercial!

As many of you know when it comes to those low budget late night cable commercials where EVERYTHING is $19.95 9 times out of 10 you’re buying a POS.  Now surprisingly a few things I’ve seen on TV actually work pretty well.  I love my PedEgg, that seemingly indestructible metal clip that holds credit cards and money really is very strong and has lasted longer than any wallet I’ve ever owned (that blue metal case that lights up however is a major POS that didn’t last my husband a week so avoid it like the plague) and those furniture slat things with the commercial that has those two supposed sumo wrestlers sitting down on a couch actually does a pretty decent job.  My couch no longer tries to eat me whenever I sit down;)

Unfortunately, I have yet to discover one of these commercials offering a kitchen utensil or product that actually works or lasts very long. Back when the OvGlove came out my neighbor enthusiastically bought one.  I was excited too because if it worked for her I was ready to buy one.  The commercial says it can withstand temperatures as high as 540 degrees and allows you to handle hot objects for longer.  After making a chicken dinner my neighbor tells me the next morning that it was an absolute POS and showed me the burns on her fingers.  This was a 425 degree oven and she said a kitchen towel would have protected her hands better!

Is it hot in here or is it me?

One product that caught my interest was the RoboStir.  A robot that slowly and constantly stirs seemed like a great idea for sauces… and that’s about it.  What would I make that would need constant stirring?  Risotto needs constant FAST stirring not slow and anything else I could use a blender or mixer for.  As it turns out, several reviewers have remarked that the RoboStir just does not work!

Another product that had me curious was the Orgreenic pan.  I admit seeing that slimy residue leftover after the food left the surface squicked me out and turned me off to the idea until I read you’re apparently supposed to “season” the pan with oil before you use it which I’m assuming is the residue you see in the commercials.  Well more research told me that although the company insists you “season” the pan twice a year to maintain its nonstick surface, after about two months as one reviewer said, “I think I might have to go rent an asphault chipper to get the egg off the bottom.”  Another problem is the non English speaking customer service reps who try to scam you into buying the entire $200+ pan set instead of one or two, purchasing speedy service instead of regular shipping, sending you items you did not order and vague order forms.  All in all, I would say buy at your own risk.

And that my friends, is theme of today’s post.  Some items will surprise you in a good way and others will be a colossal disappointment.  Before buying anything you see in an infomercial, or in general when it comes to new kitchen equipment, research it as much as possible and whenever possible try it out yourself but above all, buyer beware!


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