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Greetings and salutations!

So, who’s ready for some FOOTBALL!!! Well, not me cuz while the big game is located on home turf, my beloved NY Giants just didn’t make the cut this year (AGAIN! But I digress).

There are some great appetizer options that are quick and easy to make or if you have a ton of time on your hands and love a challenge. For instance we’ve got the adorable and delicious Chicken and Waffle Bites which you can make entirely from scratch OR pull out some chicken nuggets and Eggo mini waffles from the freezer and plate them in mini cupcake liners and straws in your team colors along with your favorite syrup.

Couldn’t be simpler and oh so good!

And what’s a football game without cheesy potato skins? Check out this link for the recipe!

Are ya drooling yet?

I know I know “But I’m on a diet! I can’t eat that! My heartburn!” I hear ya folks. Football snacks don’t have to be about dripping grease and fat and cheese but it also doesn’t mean you have to be stuck grazing by the obligatory veggie platter or crackers and dip that look like something you’d feed to your parrot. For those of you who are more health conscious, whether you want to be or not, we have Sweet Potato Skins, Herb Marinated Chicken Skewers, and Strawberry Footballs!

C’mon, you know you want some!

Personally, this Sunday I’ll be tweaking a tried and true favorite with my friends and family: Smoky Cranberry Wings


In local news, I’ll be entering my Pasta di Formaggio Mediterraneo in the Seminole Heights Sunday Morning Market 1st Annual Mac and Cheese Cook off on Sunday February 9th from 12-2pm at Hillsborough High School located at 5000 N. Central Avenue, Tampa. Tasting tickets are available for $7 and allows you to sample every dish in the contest and cast your vote for the People’s Choice Award. There are only 140 tickets available so don’t wait to get in on all the creamy cheesy goodness! All proceeds benefit Metropolitan Ministries’ culinary training program, Inside the Box.

More news to come. Stay warm and safe out there. Chow for now!


Market appearance

This week Comfy Confections makes its debut at the Outdoor Market of Stained Marketplace in Ybor City. We’ll be selling slices of fresh baked apple pie made completely from scratch and mini apple pies that fit in the palm of your hand. We’ll have our special homemade Jaffa cake slices and mini cakes infused with a creamy orange liqueur and coated with a luscious chocolate ganache and some delicious Millionaire’s Shortbread derived from the people of Australia.

Don’t forget to try our awesome line of cookie cups! This week we have the Frappuccino Cookie Cup, a mocha cookie cup filled with delicious caramel made entirely from scratch; our Chocolate Lovers Cookie Cup, a chocolate chocolate chip cookie cup filled with fresh chocolate ganache and our Euro cup featuring a sweet sugar cookie filled with Italian hazelnut spread and topped with bits of English toffee. We’re also introducing a taste of Fall with our Autumn Cookie Cup, a gingersnap cookie cup filled with pumpkin spice flavored marshmallow whip and dusted with nutmeg.

Finally, for those of you watching your figure we have a range of fat free and low fat items. This week we’ll be selling 90 calorie Apple Oatmeal muffins and mini cakes and 100 calorie Banana Crunch mini loaves.

So join us Thursday August 22 through Sunday August 25 from 8am to noon at Stained Marketplace 2106 East 15th Avenue, Tampa. We take cash and credit cards and advance orders are always welcome.

Comfy Confections Menu items

comfy confections internet banner

Good morning all!

With the temperature due to start dropping in a few weeks and farmer’s markets opening for the Fall, we thought we’d give you an idea of the type of items you can expect to see at our booth in the Tampa Bay area.

First is my scrumptious apple pie made from scratch. Fresh Pink Lady/MacIntosh and Granny Smith apples give a nice sweet and tart flavor blend anchored by fragrant slurry of cinnamon and sugar in a flaky crust. It’s a popular favorite with friends and family and every Fall and Winter without fail I get requests to make and bring this dish for gatherings.

Scratch Apple Pie

Next is a new favorite among friends and family. The British hubby and I have long been fans of the Jaffa cake. For those of you who may not know a Jaffa cake is a soft sponge cake filled with a Jaffa orange marmalade and topped with a crunchy chocolate coating. As these delicacies are few and far between here in the US, I’ve always wanted to capture the flavor exactly and by jove, I think I’ve done it! The first bite of my moist and fluffy Jaffa Bundt cake will remind you of a rich Dreamsicle with tones of vanilla and orange blending together. Then the orange liqueur infused in the cake will give you a nice slap in the mouth as the luscious ganache made with real Ghiradelli chocolate caresses your tastebuds. Truly an orgasmic delight!

In keeping with the international theme, we bring you the sweet and decadent Omm Ali. This rich and creamy Egyptian bread pudding will more than satisfy any sweet tooth. Have a glass of milk ready folks!


We also can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into our rice cakes to be named later. These little treats are inspired by Japanese mochi and feature sweet fillings like mango and orange marmalade and spicy and exotic flavors like strawberry jalapeño. There’ll even be a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll with our Elvis Bites.

So amazing they knocked his shirt right off, lookit that!

As we trek towards the holidays, we’ll continue to bring you familiar flavors and exotic fusions with our Peppermint Puffs, Pumpkin Honey cake and Ann Nog muffins featuring my mother’s very own special egg nog recipe.

Ann Nog Muffin NOM!

These items and more will be available in traditional sized cakes, pies, pastry and cookies as well as mini versions, slices, bites and pops. So keep watching this space for new menu items and prices as well as our schedule. We anticipate selling in local markets in Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Carrollwood and Ybor City in the near future. Visit the About Us page for order details. Chow for now!